Art of Legal in Cyber Security

Published: October 3, 2023
Art of Legal in Cyber Security

The role of legal in cyber security is becoming increasingly crucial and has impacts across material cyber security areas such as incident preparedness, position on challenging issues such as ransomware, compliance obligations, contractual mechanisms, satisfying regulatory requirements, and cyber insurance. As cyber security becomes a major area of focus for executives and Boards, the relationship between cyber security and legal teams needs to be optimised to effectively manage the cyber posture. To discuss this key topic, Chirag is joined by Annie Haggar – a multi-award winning legal expert specialising in cyber security.



The discussion covers wide ranging areas including:

  • The evolving role of Legal in Cyber Security
  • How cyber security leaders can effectively engage with their legal teams to deliver secure outcomes and incident preparedness
  • Impacts of current and proposed cyber security and privacy related regulations in Australia including privacy act amendments and SOCI act
  • Legal view and actionable tips on preparing and responding to the growing threat of Ransomware attacks
  • Adopting a growth mindset for career success and advice to professionals considering a career specializing in legal aspects of cyber security